Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Term Insurance Plan

Term insurance is the most basic and popular form of life insurance cover that provides coverage for a specified period of time. So, if the insured person dies during the policy term, death benefits are payable to the beneficiary. Otherwise, there are no maturity benefits if the insured person survives the policy term. Term plan […]

Is a Stocks and Shares ISA Right for You

Is a Stocks and Shares ISA Right for You?

Stocks and shares ISAs have been around for almost two decades, and while there have been many changes to them over the years, the premise remains the same. They’re effectively a way of investing in a wide range of products, including individual stocks and shares, unit trusts and exchanged traded funds. Like any investment, stocks […]

SIP Investment Plan

What Is SIP Investment Plan and Its Benefits

In present date when the rates of everything are touching heights of sky, every single individual wants to earn good and wants to have a stable saving for their future when they are not working or we can say during their retirement. But many of us lack proper guidance and hence end up without saving […]

A guide for options basics: Puts & Calls

Options are known to be a security measure which is derivative in nature due to the fact that it can be internally linked to the price of some other commodity. These are often regarded as contracts and not an obligation to buy or sell an asset at a given price.  Calls and puts are two […]

health insurance

5 Myths Uncovered About Health Insurance

A cardiac arrest is not an unheard condition and is fairly common among people in India due to unhealthy life style. But, the point here is that just like how you can’t predict if your favourite cricket team will win the cricket match or not, similarly, you just never know when you will fall ill […]

apply for a Personal loan

The Five Golden Rules of Availing a Loan

Loans can be useful financial resources. On the other hand, if you make use of them without exercising caution, you may end up getting drowned in debt. Use loans for essential expenses and take measures to ensure you pay them back on time. The Basic Questions to Ask Before Going for Loans When you apply […]