Tension-free filing of GST return

Introduction of new taxation system GST has put an end to the old system that was in practice for several years. Naturally, the new system creates some difficulties for the businesses. But it never lasts for a long time since the accounting software developers are too quick to develop the software with complete features of […]

Some Important Facts About ITIN?

Internal Revenue Service  (IRS) issues Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to all residents who have reporting requirement or U.S filing. These individuals get ITIN number through the Internal Revenue Code. Internal Revenue Service offers ITIN so that the people who don’t have Social Security Number can also pay taxes. No, you don’t need to be confused […]

starting an LLC

EIN Application For Your Business Entity

What is an LLC or a limited liability company? In the United States, a limited liability company (LLC) is a private limited company. It is a business structure that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation. An LLC is a legal form of a company […]

The Profile of A Stockbroker

As a stockbroker your job would be to manage the investments of your clients, whether it is an organization, a company or a small business. Your job is to get the best financial returns through buying and selling various stocks , shares and commodities. If you enjoy analyzing information, you aren’t emotionally attached to your […]

Role of storage units for rents

Role of storage units for rents

The growing technological world is accompanied with both pros and cons as usually in all the aspects. Similarly the essence of storage units are resided with better results especially in case of people those who are approaching them on a rent basis. Many companies are providing storage spaces or units in rental basis for securing […]

Is a Stocks and Shares ISA Right for You

Is a Stocks and Shares ISA Right for You?

Stocks and shares ISAs have been around for almost two decades, and while there have been many changes to them over the years, the premise remains the same. They’re effectively a way of investing in a wide range of products, including individual stocks and shares, unit trusts and exchanged traded funds. Like any investment, stocks […]

A guide for options basics: Puts & Calls

Options are known to be a security measure which is derivative in nature due to the fact that it can be internally linked to the price of some other commodity. These are often regarded as contracts and not an obligation to buy or sell an asset at a given price.  Calls and puts are two […]