Taking care of your company

Having your very own company means that you need to take care of your employees’ welfare. But before all that, you need to make sure that they are worth taking care of. This means checking their backgrounds and checking out their most recent employer if they are a good employer or not. you wouldn’t want […]

How to be more productive at work

You think you you’re not productive, here are five tips that will help you achieve that productivity.  Sort out Paper To-Do’s Instead of essentially heaping the majority of your printed material into a solitary “in-box” plate, consider setting up a progression of activity records in a rack or box around your work area with one […]

Top Departmental Stores in New Zealand/ Kmart (NZ)

Today’s contemporary economy demands continuous innovation. With evolving global landscape and urbanization, the retail industry has experienced numerous changes till date where the concept of departmental stores plays a major role. The traditional retail shops have upgraded themselves to become departmental stores. With continuing economic recovery & improved employment condition of New Zealand in 2016 has […]