Loan Against Property Tax

Loan Against Property Tax Benefits At A Glance

Anyone who has a property in a leading city or town in India and looking to raise some higher value funds at a lower rate can use a unique funding option. Have you heard about the loan against property or mortgage loan? What Is A Loan Against Property Or Mortgage Loan? The loan against property […]

Need Help With A Loan Get Yourself A Broker

Need Help With A Loan? Get Yourself A Broker

When you find yourself increasingly having difficulties in getting approved for a loan, it might be time to re-think strategy. Maybe you just need a bit of a helping hand and that is where loan brokers come in. Loan brokers are professionals or a group of professionals who make their expertise in financial networking available […]

5 Things to Understand Before Taking a Loan against Property

Financial emergencies and setbacks can arrive anytime. That moment, you may have only your investments to liquidate or savings to break to arrange the necessary finances. However, there is another route, which is a loan on property that is self-owned. A loan against property (LAP) is a secured loan. The bank/NBFC provides a loan amount […]


How to Get Loan against Mutual Funds in Demat Account

Personal loans and other forms of unsecured loans can be quite expensive as compared to other forms of secured loans such as home loans, loan against properties etc. Interest rates on unsecured loans can be anywhere between 14%-18% which is quite high and expensive. Also, most people will not be comfortable mortgaging properties worth crores […]